Hi I am trying to decide on a new bike and one I was considering purchasing was a specialized hardrock comp 04 model I can get for 450. One of the places I called said that the new 05's would be out in a month or so and that he wouldn't have prices for two weeks at least. So I was wondering if any body had any info on the new specialized models coming out? I wonder if they are worth waiting for? will the prices be the same pretty much but the bike might have updated components? I don't know if bike info gets leaked/released early like in the computer world.

What does anybody think of the 04 model for xc riding with some trail and a tiny bit of jumping maybe. I'm trying to decide between it, the haro escape 8.1, and the kona blast or cinder cone but the cinder cone is probably out of my price range(haven't called for price yet they are closed).