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Thread: Just got back

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    Just got back from Utah, we were there because my wife had some business at Thiokol, unfortunately I did not get any mountain biking in but we did a fair share of hiking. I was too rent a bike but the only shop that had rentals did not have any left. Man that sucked, I was looking forward to trying a Scalpel. I will also add that most of the shops were not all that friendly. I guess when they see a 295lb man walk in with a baby they think he does not ride. “The Bike Shop” was a nice store though and they were friendly and helpful.

    The trails around Ogden are sweet. Everything was greener then green, clean air and fresh powder on the mountains (being from So. Cal. we were not used to seeing snow fall in June.). Air temp was around 65f the entire week and did get down to about 45 towards the end but it did not feel that cool.

    My favorite trail was one that wound its way up Waterfall Canyon. It gets a bit technical and some deep (deep for riding) river crossings but a beautiful place. There was big game all over the place so the little one was able to see a lot of animals although she was more interested in the waterfalls.

    We also hiked around Snowbasin ski resort. I wish I was going to be there around the 25 because they will be opening up for the first time to mtb’s and the trails are virgin to mtb’s. There are a lot of little 2’ and 3’ drops all over the place and if you venture a little out of bounds there are some really nice 8’ to 10’ drops with natural trannies. I also found a trail that you could drop down the back side of Mt. Ogden to get back to the city but it looked sketchy and I did not want to try it with the little one.

    Unfortunately I did not take a lot of pics accept of the Princess but here is one of Snowbasin resort and of the test we went and watched at Thiokol of one of their solid rocket motors.

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    I get similar looks from other "younger" bikers when they see me out on my bike. They soon realize that my 42 years aren't enuf to slow me down to their speed. Of course I only weigh 165, but riding / training every other day year 'round for 10 - 15 miles will keep you in the elite sector, trust me....

    The look on their face? Priceless....

    I imagine someone like Tony Hawk getting similar reactions from people who don't know him.

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    DBD, dude... Utah is where it's at. Alot of people don't realize it's not all desert! If you had some spare time out there you coulda taken a drive to Park City and rented a bike out there and had lift access riding (I used to be a mtb instructor there) It's a bit of a drive from Ogden though. There's so much cool riding out there it's amazing. On that side of the range (Snowbasin) it's awsome.. they get some of the pest POW in Utah! And yeah, it's sooo green there it's amazing!

    Ah.. maybe someday I'll get back to Utah.
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