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    New to biking, what should I get?

    I would like to start mountain biking, mostly to get back in shape. Anyway, I haven't ridden a bike in years, and I'm kinda confused as to what bike is going to best fit me, so I thought I'd start here and get some opinions.

    I'm 6'4, 300 lbs (pass the cupcakes), and realize I probably need a larger bike than the average human. I've heard something about a brand of bikes called "Giant" but that is about as much info as I have on the subject. I'm fairly "limber" and athletic for my size (used to play football), I don't know if that matters when choosing a bike.

    I'd like a mountain bike, and I'd prefer to spend less than $500. I don't need anything fancy, just a base model or whatever to get me up and riding and into the activity. Any help or advice to get me started would be much appreciated. Thanks alot.

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    you should go to your local bike shop and tell them what you're looking for.

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    They have bikes built specially for "clydesdales" (larger bikers)
    maybe you should loook into that?
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    You would do well with a burly hardtail, MacDaddy...DaddyMac. (can I call you KrisKross?)

    If you're gonna hit the trails and expect your bike to hold up for a while, you will need to invest in a good bike.

    What's your budget?

    I have a few ideas to recommend, but not until I know what you wanna spend.

    (if I were to build you a bike at a moderate price level...
    -21" Fisher Biggun's frame
    -Rockshox Argyle fork
    -LX HT2 crankset
    -XT/Rhyno Lite wheels with Alpine III spokes
    -X.7 RD/Shifters
    -LX FD
    -PG950 cassette
    -Easton EA70 bars
    -Havoc stem
    -EA70 post
    -Rocket V saddle
    -2.35" Nevegals
    -Avid Juicy3/5 brakes 185mm F/ 160mm R
    -Odi Lock-On's
    -Pig Headset
    -V8 pedals

    You're looking at a lower 30lb bike that will handle your weight for trail riding.
    ...this is my dream for you.)

    As for a pre-assembled bike from the manufacturer (cheaper)...we'll see what your budget is.

    I'm thinking something like a Fisher Mullet($850) or Opie($475) / Kona Hoss($1100) type of thing...only because the Komodo doesn't come in a 21" frame.
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