I'm trying to figure out my first pair of cycling shoes, for general/mtb use. Problem is I can't find any pearl izumi shoes at my local dealers, except for their lowest end model. That model is a fits me as a 46, the x alp seek. I was wondering if anyone who has the higher end izumi shoes can tell me if those shoes fit the same, or bigger than others? I noticed when i tried the x alp equivalent in a specialized i was also a 46, but when I went up the model line to a specialized comp level shoe it was 45.

Is it generally the case that sneaker like shoes fit a size bigger than the higher end mtb shoes? According to the Izumi website their sizing chart shows their shoes running a bit smaller to other brands (their 46 is an 11.5 vs specialized showing a 46 being 12, and that it applies to all their shoes.

I'm looking to get the Pearl Izumi mtb Elites, but since I have to order them online I want to be sure of the sizing, whether 45 or 46.