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    Another movies review...and yes I am addicted.

    Chain Reaction series is from the east coast. Unlike most movies which include cali, utah, north shore or whistler. This movie included very little whistler and nothing from the others. Its a nice change. The movie is packed with street and jumping in all forms. Some unreal tricks these people are pulling off including front flips. This move is all about the technical.

    There are some dh scenes and sometimes captured so perfectly it made me feel the race. I was totally impressed as I tend not to like dh or 4x in movies. I just find film makes dh look slow and less risky then it actually is. Usually anyways...(oh and I hate it when they speed up the frames in dh to make it look faster....thats just bad)

    The music is pretty unique as it isn't all heavy metal mated with new punk. Some of it is really mellow music that still makes me wanna hop on my bike. That impressed me as I am a pretty die hard LOUD music fan. It usually take Metalica or Ozzy to get my blood really boiling. This movie did a great job mating the music with the scenes.

    The movie lacks one thing. It doesn't inspire me to ride trails, which I love. It does inspire me to learn how to bunny hop higher and learn how to do kickflips and abubacas/fufanus. It also proved to me what I thought all these years. People on the east coast are scared of helmets. This movie was filled with people doing huge stuff without helmets let alone armour in a lot of cases. Its amazing how different the west coast is from east in that regard. In BC people rarely do anything on a bike without a helmet.

    The extras were awesome. 2 Sections to watch. The first would allow you to select the rider you wanted to view that worked like a profile. The second allowed you to view the scenes based on where they are (different races/comps) Definately an impressive layout

    I give it a 7.5/10...I just cant rate it any higher as I need more trails...but thats not the focus of the east coast in this movie. If you like almost exclusively street this movie is probably a 9 out of 10. Still a worthy flick to watch and listen to.
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