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    Old Trials Bike Question


    I am getting an old Ibis trials comp from the eighties. Currently it has a Sugino trials crankset, with a 24t chainring. I had a few questions for people regarding the cranks, compatibility and chainline:

    Can the chainwheel be swapped? Is it replaceable with a non Sugino wheel, like modern BMX single bolt?

    The frame has 110mm/3/8" spacing, like BMX. What is the standard chainline? What is probably the max chainring size that can be used without hitting the chainstays? If I wanted to throw an old 110/74 BCD crankset on instead, would the inner ring line up?


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    Here's a bump for ya.

    I can't personally help you at all, but try also posting this question on the Bike Mechanics sub-forum.

    Good luck.
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