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    Just got my Gravity Dropper, Here's What I Think

    So rather than ask, "Hey guys should I get one?" I just shelled out way too much $$$ and bought one for myself. Shipping was super fast. As I removed it from the box I noticed that it was much lighter than expected, and as well the quality of the machining was impressive. I had ordered the Defender (non-remote version) because I really don't expect that I will need to fiddle with my seat hieght from the bars.

    The first ride:
    I started playing with it right away. up down up down.... Soon, however, I realize how entirely useless this feature is for XC riding. I wasn't discouraged, as I had expected this much; and the steep, techincal downhill was next. It was wicked fun, and i was flying through stuff that might not even ride before. It feels like my downhill bike, except that it's a hardtail with a ten year old racing fork. (I hope that fork doesn't fold in half now that I will be bombing down the big stuff...).

    The Verdict:
    I never new that I needed a $200 seatpost until now...

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    I got my first one at the start of the season. It's not life altering for me, but it's useful enough that I wont take it off. I probably won't buy another though. Combo of expense and added weight. Honestly, I can ride fine with the seat dropped about an inch below normal leg extension like I did for 20 years before I bought this contraption. It's nice on a really steep techy decent though. YMMV.

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