Hi, this is my first post. If I am posting in the wrong place, I apologize. About a month ago I lost my beloved bike in a house fire. I have googled the make/model and I can't find anything pre 1993. I KNOW I had a pre 1993 because I bought it in College and I Graduated in 1990. If I had to guess I would think it was around a 1987/88 model. The bike I am looking for is a Bianchi Osprey. I am looking for the same model year because the color combination was my favorite thing about the bike. The bike has a Black Frame with Purple Lettering, the Seat and Cables are the Bianchi Seafoam Green Color. Does anyone have an idea how I might identify this bike and possibly find a replacement.

I also have 1 other question. The insurance company pays the replacement cost for my lost items. I can't recall what I paid for the bike when it was new but it was several hundred dollars. Since I can't go into a store and buy the same bike, what current model would be comparable to the Osprey?

Thanks so much!