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Thread: Slx fd

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    Slx fd

    Installed and noice. My local shop needs my support, so I decided to go with the SLX from them instead of the XT from an E-Vendor. ('s just a freakin' FD, right?)

    I was using an m750 prior to that. The new '09 SLX is pretty slick and cool compared to the 2007 XT. It's mated to a 2005 LX shifter I've been moving from bike-build to bike-build since I bought my '05 HKEK from my LBS. I need to check out updated upper-end Shimano shifters now to see how much better they are. This FD / shifter combo has plenty of cage and overshift to easily and quietly get into gear and settle back to center to kill any annoying chain-rub when you don't want it.

    -Wide link mechanism is stiffer. (who cares...but it's cool, I guess)
    -The "multi-size" clamp shims on the new Gen FD's are all aluminum vs. the m750 which was basically plastic with an alu insert
    -SLX has a more linear motion (cross-ways) than the more arc'd XT. (great for a 2-ring setup)
    -limit screws are angled out...easier to hit with a philips

    Over all I really couldn't give a rat's grass skirt about it b/c it's just a front derailleur...but it's cool to see the technology trickle down. Smoothest shifting FD I've owned to date.
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    It's a front derailleur, not a lot to get excited about. Altho the angled hi/lo limit screws could be handy on some frames...
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