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    Nashbar MTB frame question

    I am considering ordering this frame:

    I have a few questions:

    - Right now I ride a 1999 Trek 4500 18" aluminum frame. I am pretty happy with it, but would like to build an all black bike and I think the "black ice" Nashbar frame would look badass. I am 5'9" but have a longer than average torso. I was planning to get a 19" frame, but Nashbar only makes this frame in 18" and 20", no 19". So, if anyone out there has this frame, does it run big or small? Just not sure which to choose..18 or 20. I'm pretty close to a good fit on my 18" so as long as it does not run small I'd probably go with the 18". There doesn't seem to be any sizing info on the Nashbar site.

    - Would you recommend this frame? Is it sturdy? How does it ride? Is it heavy?
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    Nice frame. If you own an 18 and are comfortable then get another 18.
    You could always strip everything from your 4500 and take it to get powerblasted and powdercoated. Will run you about the same price after shipping on the frame.
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