Hi, i just got this bike at a shop used. I had it for 2 weeks and i love it! I do have a few questions though:

-I have allot of spacers on fork tube where my stem is. Is this too high and will it cause allot of flex? If that's the case how many spacers should i take off and what degree stem should i use btw my stem size is 1-1/8th? Here is a pic:

-I wanted to get a bash guard for my chain ring i wanted to keep all three ring is that possible?

-What lube can i use to lubricate my shocks? (rock shox dart one)

-The preload knob is hard to turn on my shocks is that normal?

-What would i have to do to change this set-up into a single speed set up?

-what's the largest width of tire that can fit this frame and fork?

Thanks in advance for any help! Tekno.