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    Research Dynamics Coyote

    I tried posting this on the classics/Vintage forum, but no responses.

    I am trying to find out more about this bike. It appears to be an '86 or '87 Researcvh Dynamics Coyote. I picked it up because I noticed several things about the frame that are unusual. For one, it has the high-end Tange MTB tubing (not the standard stuff Fisher and others were using). The seat stays are attched to the seat lug in a very french/touring manner. It also has a campy headset, but the rest of the bike is Suntour XC Sport. I have also never seen bronze RM-20 rims before.

    All I can find is that the are/were a ske equipment compant that got into mountian biking, then got out in the lat '90's. Any more infomration would be helpful.


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