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    Acera Front Derailleur question...

    First part my HARO is supposed to have one... a top swing I believe... dude I bought bike from had repalced it with a "Shimano 9-Speed) bottom swing...

    well do to this and my size I got sent home from my spot this morning with only 30% of trail ridden with most up-hills pushed because it was dropping chain because of BB flex and rubbing derailleur...

    OK I have been looking online at some... found several Acera X that might work... one dude on ebay does not specify shipping and I hate that...

    what would/could be used in lieu of the Acera? any cheepo SRAM stuff or ??? I have seen some close out stuff that is almost the same price as the ebay with free shipping...

    I am going to sell bike... but dont want to pass along a turd... i am a man of my word and i want the bike to be at least functionally correct...

    nomex flame suit on... let me have it!
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