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    1st MTB race info

    I put this in the Nor Cal section too, but was hoping for some general info also.

    Hi all, Dan'o here. Trying to get some info on the Prairie City MTB races (Nor Cal, just out of Sacramento). I'm 53 years of age and an old MX'er.

    Due to injuries and other health problems I put on a bunch of weight and was not able to ride bicycles for several decades. My back is so bad the Doc finally made me give up riding ANY motorcycles back when I hit 50. Finally figured out what was wrong, dropped a bunch of weight, and was able to get into road bicycles in May (it opens up the rear of my low back and actually helps my spine pain) and am now able to do about 3 hours for road rides.

    I have an old GT RTS-2 mountain bike from 1992 that I just kind of restored, and have talked to several folks about doing some MTB stuff for cross training (I have a BAD back, so as I said I can't ride any motorcycles anymore, and I'm not too sure about MTB, but want to give it a try).

    I was looking at the PC MTB race sites and some YouTube videos and it looks pretty flat and something I should be able to do in the 50+ beginner class. For MTB, do you folks recommend for or against MTB shoes and clipless pedals? I ride with road shoes and clipless, so am used to that.

    Since the race is pretty short (circular, about 2.5-3.5 miles a loop), would you not carry tools, spare tubes, etc as by the time you got stuff fixed the race would be over and you can walk back to your veh just about as quick (in other words, do I carry stuff or just not worry about it)?

    Water bottles or Camelback? I see folks carrying either or both and not sure if they are carrying spares in the Camelbacks.

    Any other suggestions of stuff to bring or things I need to do or know about? This will be for my first MTB race ever and I hope to be able to get into the weekly races for next season, but not sure what to bring or do for my first race, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I still need to lose another 25 lbs, so hoping this will help and inspire me.

    Thanks all,
    Dan'o :**

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    hi. i dont use clipless in mtb because im too chicken. i like to have my feet able to come off when i want without unclipping. i use them on my roadbike though. i prefer camelbak because i dont haveto fiddle with the bottle and the cage. plus since i do 10 mile races i can carry my pump and tube and tool. if its 3.5 mile i wouldnt bother taking the pump or tube with you. maybe the tool. i never go anywhere without it. bring saftey goggles so a low branch wont get your eyes and cycling gloves are great too.

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