I've been out of biking for about 10 years now, after we started having kids I slacked off.

My old bike is a litespeed obed frame, full suspension (rising rate linkage design, at least that is the term that used to be used). Primarily outfitted with XT compoments, gripshift shifters, original Judy front shock.

The rear shock (fox) is shot and needs to be replaced. The local bike shop wasn't sure we could even get the right size. The Judy shock on the front is in need of a rebuild, but I was told kits are not available anymore; the head size (sorry, not sure what it is) isn't common these days and I was told by the local shop I couldn't buy a new front fork/shock...

I considered buying another bike, but I really just want to do mild single track riding and riding with my kids, I'm not going to race. I believe I would like to find a nice frame and use my existing components.

I was thinking of looking for a nice HT frame and shock to slap my components onto. I don't really need the latest and greatest, just a solid performing bike so I can pound on it some. I was considering looking for a yo eddy, or perhaps an obed HT.

Any suggestions on what I could do? I like full suspension, hey, I'm 40 years old, but I want low maintenace so a nice riding HT might be the best alternative. I think a nice cromo or ti; I'm pretty out of the biking loop and I know there are lots of new stuff in the last 10 years, it's overwhelming to start to research (that's why I default to a good old yo-eddy, or ti frame).

Thanks for any comments.