I'm shopping around for an entry level mountain bike to commute to/from work ( 26 miles rt), and ride offroad with my son on the weekends.

Price is a factor ($300-700). Main features I'm looking for are disc brakes and front suspension. Problem is I'm 5'9" and built like a gorilla. (73" wingspan vs a 30" inseam)

Bikes I've tried (size Small or less than 17") that leave 1-2" of clearance make the cockpit feel crampt, and the boys are resting on the top tube on Medium+ frames, and on my son's 17 inch bike.

Local dealers carry GT, Gary Fisher, Trek, Specialized, Kona, Giant, Cannondale, Raliegh, & Schwin

Any suggestions on bikes or set-up to help me out would be much appreciated.

Thanks, FDS