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    'Ello again...

    I have been looking to buy a new bike recently (dont worry this wont be a which bike do i buy thread... ) and have been looking at the 04 specialized fsr xc, i phoned my local specialized dealer and he said he had one of the '04 models in and it sounded like it was this one and im pretty sure he said it would be about AUS$1800-1900 if i bought now but prices would be dropping to the '05 range coming in.

    Anyway after school today i decided to go in to one of my local bike stores (which dont stock specializeds) but asked him what he could show me in the same sort of price range and he showed me a '03 trek fuel 80 (originally $3000 down to $2000) which i liked but im not to sure about but i happened to have a print out of the specs of... this and he said that he would be really suprised if i could get that bike for under $4000. I didnt think there would be such a big price difference between the two models (Unless the first guy screwed up and was looking at the wrong bike price). I have looked around for one being sold but have been unable to find anywhere selling it so far so here is where you come in...

    Does anyone know how much they sell for in US or Aus dollars, i can convert if u cant be bothered

    Edit:Found 1 site with the other bikes but still not the one im looking for
    US$850 Model
    US$1200 Model
    But not the highest one...

    Edit 2: Finally found a site with one for sale , normal price of $1470 and current price of $1300. Here Now i just have to try and find someone that has some in stock that i can actually buy Haha just converted the price and it works out at 1,798.73 AUD. only 2200 less than what the guy i spoke to thought
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