Hey there
Im pretty new to this scene and am a little lost as what would be a better bike out of the Avanti Ridge Ryder 2009 and the Avanti Ridge Ryder 2010 models. Normally i would think the 2010 model would be better but when i started looking at the details i got confused and was wondering why the 2010 model has RST Capa ML 80mm Travel with Preload Adjust & Mechanical Lockout but the 2009 model has 100mm travel. i would have thought the 100 mm travel would be better rite? I have left a link to the 09 and 2010 models specs could some one please go through and let me know what the better bike is. I appreciate the help cheers

2010 model http://www.jtcycles.com.au/compare-b...x?b1=09MTBRIDG

2009 model http://www.freedommachine.com.au/ite...Start=0&ID=938