next year ill be healed enough to get back on my bike, and i was thinking i wanna spice up my mtb/daily commuter (asking here cuz its pretty much mtb related)
i have a Raleigh Matterhorn. what i wanted to do is replace the front end to make it a more comfortable commuter/fun bike and leave the nicer bike for trails and "adventures" (lol) only
i was thinking dart2 fork, bb5 front disk (cuz fork doesnt hold canti brakes), replace rear brake with a nicer new canti, and maybe a nicer chain. if i need to get a headset and handlebars to do so id be willing to.
i wanna keep my grip shifters tho cuz doing all that at once is something i dont wanna do (cuz then im building a whole bike)

some will say im dumb for a low end bike but i want my commuter/fun mtb to be decent and atleast a lil more up to par and not SOOOO much diff than the nicer bike. plus i like how its a heavy steel frame, makes for a good trainer this aaaaaaaaaalot of work? will the fork not fit?
im seriously thinking of this and would just like a lil insite from you guys to see what would allll need to be replaced and if certain things cant be kept (ie: shifters)

edit: yes im aware doing this will cost as much or more than i originally spent on the bike, but from what ive priced its about half of a new bike (which i dont need) and i really have grown to love my bike and wanna show it the same love back