I've been riding road bikes for a while now and I want to get into some local XC races. I'm trying to decide between 3 bikes and would appreciate any input.

2010 Trek 6700, 2010 GF Hoo Koo E Koo, and a 2008 GF Ferrous 26 (the shop has one on closeout for a little less $$ than the other two bikes).

The specs are pretty comparable from what I can see unless I completly missed something (sram drivetrain, avid jucy 3 or BB7 brakes. I think the Ferrous might have a little nicer fork but not sure off the top of my head.

Im really looking for some input on the frames...
6700 = Apha Black Aluminum
HKEK = Platinum Aluminum with G2 tech
Ferrous = Steal

Any input you could give me would be much appreciated!!!