So my brother and I had at the old Devinci Chili Pepper today, I picked up a new chain for her, hoping to solve some of my shifting problems, and figured that my old chain was worn out.

Well not only was my chain pooched, so, in fact, is my entire drive train. I need a new bottom bracket, a new cassette, and probably new chain rings while I'm at it.

That's all well and good, as I had put on new shifters last year, new wheelset, BB5 brakes, cables... and today a new chain... except at the end of the day I realized that i should never have done all of that because while it fit me when I was 15, that was 10 years ago, and she's just too small. Period. There's no point in putting more money into her if she's never going to fit.

So because i'm upset about having to retire my old faithful, i'm actually NOT happy about having to look into a new bike. It was not an expense I was prepared for, but I get enough out of my bike that its worth it to get something decent.

I need your input on finding the following things in a new bike.
1. lockout front suspension
2. Shimano Deore or SRAM X-5 f/r derailleurs (comparable to my 10 year old XTs, so i've been told)
3. a Large bike with a short stem that is geometrically fit for a regular person, so I can change out the stem to something longer... apparently Finns have long torsos... and therefore need long top tubes, or stretch it out with a longer stem.

Brakes aren't a huge issue because I have a set of BB5s I can put on anything I get. Mainly I'm looking for a good drive train and suspension in a bike, and my budget is up to $800 CDN.

Let me know what you bright folks recommend. d