Hello all,

I'm posting in the mountain bike thread section looking for more info on a road bike... I recently picked up a Bontrager Road Lite for a song and a dance. I know that KB was well known for mtb's, but he also produced a road bike for a short period of time before being absorbed by Trek. The Road Lite shares many similarities with his mtb's, i.e. tubing, gussets, wishbone seat stay, similar compact geometry, etc. I can't convey how impressed I've been with this bike so far. I've actually put my other (more modern and expensive) bikes on hold for this bike that was supposed to be a project/beater!

I've found patches of info on this bike, but thats about it. Apparently its a pretty rare bike... If anybody has any info on these I'd appreciate it. Anything from riding experiences, to history, to original equip. sellers would be appreciated.