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    New England: Where are the good ice biking spots?

    I have found it hard to find some decent and icy or at least packed down snow to ride on in the winter.
    As in, nice glorious trails that take you through the woods, for example..Usually all I can find is ponds or if I'm lucky some paths that dog walkers go on and pack down.

    If you go winter biking, where are your good spots with extensive or at least some good trails which are winter-bikeable? I don't really know where to look!!
    All the ones I go on in the normal season are usually just snow and impossible to bike on!

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    Depending on conditions, Wompatuck SP and Duxbury woods hold some pretty good ice. Anywhere where there's also foot traffic, xc skiers, or snowmobiles to compress the snow, then a thaw/freeze cycle, throw in some rain, then back to cold. Being near the coast helps cuz we usually get some rain when inland is getting snow. There's some good ice out there right now, but there's also bare ground in the same locations.

    Myles Standish can be ok, but the trails don't see much traffic.

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