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    Manitou Mars Comp (~2002) disc brake type / max rotor size

    Have searched a bit, but given the older fork, couldn't find a good answer.

    Can someone help know the type of compatibility? The mounting bolts appear to be 74mm apart, center to center.

    Want to put mechanical Avid BB7's on this fork with 185mm rotors, but not sure they will fit.

    The fork is the original on this bike, 2002 k2 razorback 3.0

    Thanks much!

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    Hayes Disc Brake Mounting Chart:

    It lists different forks up to 2005 and shows what seems to be recommended rotor sizes.
    *One thing about that chart is that it only mentions 6" & 8" rotors, 7" rotors aren't mentioned anywhere.

    The BB7 will bolt straight onto your fork if using a 6" rotor, for a 7" rotor you'll need to get a PM to PM adapter like the one in the following link:

    That following quote was taken from this Avid page:
    Note: Fork manufacturers often discourage the use of anything larger than a 185mm rotor on a standard quick-release.
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