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    I'm looking for comments from anyone that has had actual working experience with both the Cane Creek AD-10 and Fox Float RC rear shocks.
    I have used the Cane Creek AD-10 rear shock on my last 2 bikes and have been more than satisfied with it's performance, especially considering the price, repair and weight advantages. The AD-10 is a great shock, but is the Fox Float RC better??
    I don't want to turn this in to a CC vs. Fox flame war, so please don't post unless you have something constructive to say...

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    i have to admit, that i've never seen the cane creek shock you're referring to, let alone heard of it.. but i've had the chance to ride some bikes that had the Fox vanilla float rc... this year, they've made it simpler, put some better seals in it, and you're supposed to be able to do some minor maintenence on it yourself. before they started selling it separately this year, our shop got them through fox's warranty department in VERY limited quanities.

    the lockout is pretty simple and functional, and just begs for a custom job to make a remote switch for the lockout... it'd be nice to have On-the-fly control of that sorta thing.

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