I bought a 2004 Rockhopper about 2 months ago. I've enjoyed riding it but I'm finding the fork (Manitou Six) to be a little stiff and balky. Judging from the condition of the bike when I bought it, I suspect the fork had never been serviced.

Yesterday on CL there was an ad for a 4 year old Rock Shox Judy fork, in "good" condition, for $100...and it comes with an XTR v-brake attached. I e-mailed the guy who sent some additional specs, including steer tube length so I know it'll work as a replacement.

So do I:
  • [* ]Take my Manitou to my LBS for a rebuild for $40 - $60?
    [* ]Buy the Judy and try to unload my Manitou?
    [* ]Do something else?

Most of my riding I'd consider to be XC...no downhill/jumps. Some technical stuff with some rocks but a lot of smooth trails.

I've got the manual for the Manitou and could make an attempt at rebuilding it myself but I can't seem to locate any rebuild kits for the Six.

I read mixed reviews on the Judy, mostly that it's kind of a lightweight fork but I think that might be ok for me.