Hi All,

My rear disc brake was rubbing and I found that the inner brake pad was not parallel to the rotor or the outer brake pad. It looks like the inner pad is angled so that the "bottom" edge hits the rotor first (as a result, the pad is unevenly worn as well). I took the brake pad out and confirmed that this was not due to the pad not being seated correctly or some type of obstruction, but the inner caliper itself appears to be set at an angle. When I turn the small hex bolt to adjust the distance of the caliper, it is apparent that the caliper comes down at an almost 15 degree angle. Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust the inner caliper so that the inner pad is parallel to the rotor and the other pad - I'd rather fix it myself than have to leave my bike at the shop for an extended period of time. Thanks for all your help.