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    A Few General Mountain Biking Questions

    I've been doing XC for a few years now and I'm looking for a decent Freeride bike. I just want to have fun on the bike and be able to chuck it around. When I feel that my XC training is taking the fun out of mountain biking, I can always turn to my Freeride bike!

    I don't think it's necessary for me to buy a Freeride bike with a double crown fork, seeing that I'm 17 and only weigh 58 Kg (about 130 Pounds I think). 23 mm wouldn't make that much of a difference, would it? You are also very limited with aerial manuevers with double crown forks I've heard...

    I've looked at the 2010 Scott Voltage FR 10...

    and the 2010 Specialized Demo I...

    The Scott looks quick and nimble, but the Specialized looks a bit heavy... The Demo 7 is pretty much just a Demo 8 with a single crown fork which makes me think that it's more suited for downhill than aerial tricks I reckon...

    I know the 2011 bikes will be out by July/August time and I'm really excited to see what 2011 will have in store for me!

    What do you guys think would be the better bike choice for my needs at the moment? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    The last question I want to ask is one regarding age & skill...

    Do you guys think it's possible in any way for me to become a decent, even famous Freerider like Matt Hunter or Thomas Vanderham? I ride XC 6 times a week and my bike handling skills aren't to bad... Do you think it's possible or do those words of such as "Yeah, I've been riding bikes since I was 2." from famous mountain bikers really mean something?

    Talent only goes so deep, but it's the dedication that will get you where you want to be...

    I'm new to Bike Forums and really looking forward to getting some good advice!
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