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    Replacement bike: Boardman mountain comp 2010 for specialized rockhopper expert 2009

    I untill last week had a Specialized Rockhopper Expert disc 2009
    ( which i loved and think is a brilliant bike.
    Annoyingly last week my house was broken into and amongst a few other things my prized possession was stolen from my kitchen!

    Insuarnce have offerd a Boardman Mountain Comp 2010 (

    But have said If theres any specific specifications on my rockhopper that i dont feel are matched we can try and work out a bike werd both be happy with. The rockhopper 2009 i brought in the end of line sale for 750 so the new model is more expensive at 950
    ( do you think i have any chance looking at the specs at saying the boardbam does not meet the spec and the new model of my bike would be better suited?

    Now the boardman spec looks reasonably similiar but im not convinced! and am doubtful about the frame and build quality at the price it is

    Im sure plenty of people have brought great bikes from halfords before but i havent met any!

    I've owned a halfords Carrera which was heavey hard to climb with and yet somehow slow downhills but was also poorly setup and the chain would constantly slip.
    I also know someone who had a boardman last year from a different halfords store not sure which model buti t had the smae problems with how it was setup

    Any opinions or help on specs i could argue against the boardman would be appreciated

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    I would go with the 2010 Specialized Rockhopper. It will be closer to what you are familiar with. It is to hard finding a bike that suits your measurements and riding style. You already have a
    bias against the Boardman and I think it will just get worse once you get one.....JMHO

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