Hi guys,

I recently dusted off my Klein hardtail with a blown RockShox Judy fork (been riding road last few years). Elastomers were shot, so I swapped in the even older Mag21's. The frame has a 1" head tube. What's your advice on the best bang for the buck? I'd like to get back into XC racing (used to race in college 10 years ago), and honestly my fitness is keeping me back more than the bike...

I've been completely out of the loop for the last ten year, and have no idea how much better new technology is (better forks, tubeless, full susp, 29er, disc brakes, etc), and if it's even worth it at this point (considering my Klein rides fine, and I'm guessing a comparable 22 lb bike with XT would be over $1k used, and out of my budget). On a 1hr race, how much faster would new tech be?

1. Replace Judy guts w/ something better? (White Bros, Englund?) Cost? I've got no problem replacing internal parts (have rebuilt motox/car shocks before...)
2. Find a newer tech 1" steerer fork? Is it worth it?
3. Buy a new frame w/ a 1.125" steerer or something from Craigslist
4. Just keep riding as-is and save pennies to buy a Full Susp or 29'er next year
5. ?

Thanks for the advice!