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    Front Derailleur replacement options, need help

    I don't know if this is the best forum to post this inquiry (was thinking mechanics maybe) but since it is a mountain bike I am asking about I thought you guys here would have the best advice.

    basically I want (need) to replace the front derailleur on my bike and want a good middle of the road replacement that will last a while longer than the Sram 3.0 that was on the bike. I say middle of the road because I don't want to break the bank on a derailleur and am not looking for the latest hottest thing I just need something that works and will be raliable, something that's all metal maybe as the Sram looks like it has plastic parts on it. I use the bike on the road mainly with some dirt trails that are pretty flat from time to time and am tired of the troubles that I am having lately with this derailleur and I noticed that it has play in it now that is probably the cause for the issues.

    the derailleur that is on there now says chain stay angle 66-69 and 42T my chain ring is 42/32/22 so I assume the 42T is in reference to that.

    Thanks for any input guys and gals.

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    1976 Motobecane Nomade Sprint
    1988 Specialized Rockhopper comp
    1991 Schwinn Crisscross
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    2011 Trek X-Caliber Gary Fisher collection

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