I just finished my build. its a 2006 Specialized SX trail Two. got the frame off ebay for $500 USD. The whole build is pretty top shelf and everything is jazz except the fork.

I picked up a like new Marzocchi dropoff triple despite its lackluster reviews,. It was only $170 and I was anxious to get the bike rolling since i had been working on the build since this winter and was strapped for cash at the time. I know that this rig isn't made for triples but its 170mm -- same as the stock fork that came with the bike new.

Needless to say, the fork is utter garbage, it has no dampening and the rebound is nothing short of riding a rodeo bull. quite the contrast to the silky smooth FOX DHX5 in the rear. it really ruins the whole bike.

so anyway i wanna replace the fork ASAP, i am partial to Marzocchi forks. I was looking at either a marz 55rv for $300 or marz 66rc3 for $400



So basically, the recommended fork travel of the bike is 170mm. Do I go with 160mm or 180mm?, The geometry feels so perfect with the 170mm fork. It climbs and descends like a champ. I am not worried about exceeding the 176mm travel limit and voiding the warranty as I am not the original owner of the frame.

I will be doing some all mountain/enduro type riding, agressive trail riding, also some urban stuff, dropping off retaining walls and doing goofy stuff like that. weight is not a major concern.