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    Trek 950 Still Good?

    Hey guys,

    I have been on a search for a decent mountain bike for a few weeks now and have come up with nothing. I started with a budget of around 250-300 dollars, but quickly found that my local market has nothing to offer there that is also my size (6'2"). However, I have spotted a used Trek 950 for sale for 140 bucks which is my size and looks fairly fresh. I know this bike is a 1998, but for a total n00b is this bike still a viable option? I figured with all the money I saved I could maybe grab a used fork to spice it up and get a nice tuneup at the lbs before my first ride.

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    If it's your size then I say go give it a ride & a quick inspection for cracks in the frame. If everything is good, I would still try to talk him down closer to $100 if you can. It's c'list so why not, ya know? But yeah if everything still functions well then I'd put that money towards a more modern fork & have yourself a good quality starter bike.
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