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    QR Skewer length for thick dropout

    I have a roadbike with rear dropout the width of mtb, 135 mm. Each dropout has the thickness of about 8 mm, quite thick by roadbike standards. The outside-to- outside width of the dropout is then about 150 mm. The conventional skewers are just a few mm short. I would like the skewer rod (5 mm diameter) to protrude a few mm outside of the nut on the other side, or at least be flush with it. The rod I have now measures 159 mm, length of the metal part of the rod, that is. I think a skewer with the rod 165 mm would do it. Can anyone recommend a particular QR skewer? Along the same line, the front skewer which I have is also a bit short for the thick dropout (116 mm outside-to-outside), with the metal part of my current rod measuring 125 mm. I think 130 mm would do it. Thanks for your help.
    (The general listing of skewers for 135 mm, 130 mm dropouts does specify the actual usable length of rods and is not very helpful to me.)
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