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    Purchasing a Shimano Alfine IGH

    Hi all, (my first MTB post)

    I have a Nashbar Single Speed 29er, and I want to upgrade to an Alfine IGH. I have been shopping around for the best deal and have come across a couple of options and wanted to get some opinions of some more experienced people.
    Does anybody know the reputation of There are a handful of bad reviews at MTBR and was wondering if any of you had similar or better experiences.
    This a 32h hub and I would like to keep a 36h, but the hub/wheel combo is about the same price as the hub alone on amazon. I was wondering though how wide of a tire can reasonably be put on a "road" wheel, could I reinstall the 2.1" tire that came with the bike?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Dyads are reputable touring rim and are wider than most road rims (actually, around the width of many XC mountain rims. From Velocity's website:

    "One of the most versatile rims in our lineup. The Dyad is a bit wider than most of our 700c rims (24mm wide) making it a great choice for loaded touring, commuting, a tandem, cruiser or even a 29’er."

    Your 2.1 will be fine.

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