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    my thougts on the ibis mojo sl

    i normally ride a turner 5 spot (except for today, i rode a spot singlespeed, but that is neither here nor there). i mention the 5 spot so you know what i'm used to.....

    so i took out an ibis mojo sl...

    - i gotta say, the suspension was pretty damn plush and sweet. i intentionally took some bad lines, and it smoothed everything out, felt like i was riding on paved road. big ups to ibis for that.

    - the ibis has a shorter top tube, so you are in a more upright position. i wasn't super comfortable with it. i felt too upright. it wasn't horrible, but i wasn't the most comfortable.

    - i don't think it climbed as well as i would like. no, i didn't put the pro-pedal on. i never use my pro pedal on the 5 spot, perhaps i should have used it with the ibis. there was one time when i stood and pedaled and i felt the sag, the rest of the time, it climbed ok, but nothing stellar.

    - the shorter top tube did make me feel like i could put it where i wanted it, i could handle it like a BMX bike, it was pretty controllable.

    - i could wheelie on it pretty easily.

    my final verdict - not a bad bike, pretty nice actually, and if you don't mind or if you could get used to the more upright position, a very cool bike. plus it looks so cool, it's art that you can ride.

    perhaps if i had tweaked and adjusted the bike more to me, perhaps if i had ridden it for a while and allowed myself time to get used to the position, maybe adjust saddle and stem and such, i would feel more comfy. as it stands, i still really really like my 5 spot.

    and those are my thoughts on the mojo sl. why should you listen to me? you probably shouldn't, but i'm sharing with you anyway.

    oh, and for what it's worth, GU mint chocolate is pretty damn tasty, but GU jet blackberry tastes a little like poo
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