Not sure if this is the best place for this question.

I'm running Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres on my Rockhopper at the moment. They're great for getting around on the road fast, fine on hard surfaces including dirt but it doesn't take a lot of mud before the back wheel starts spinning or fishtailing. I'm looking for new tyres that will keep as much of the low rolling resistance I'm used to on the road but give me more grip in the wet.

I know this kind of subject is an inevitable compromise between the tread patterns that give a low rolling resistance and the tread patterns that give good grip in whatever conditions I throw at them. Most of my cycling is on either tarmac or hard surfaces so I'm wanting something that's closer to a road tyre than a mud tyre.

From reading a few reviews and looking at tread patterns I think the Schwalbe Marathon Extreme tyre will give me a suitable balance. The overall summary seems to be that they are perfectly useable on the road, with more rolling resistance than a smooth centre strip but much less than an all-out MTB tyre, and work well in the mud.

If anyone here has used them and can give me their thoughts I'd appreciate it.