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    Ebay bargain, but wheels and fork any good?

    Just got a Saracen Sahara SE for 26, which I'm going to convert to a tourer.
    It came with Weinman Bontrager B3C wheels with Exage hubs, and a Maxdrive cromo fork.
    Are these any good or best swapped out?
    The fork looks a bit iffy to me, kind of pretend suspension, though isn't. I was going to swap it for a Kona P2, but don't know it that's heavier/worse. Wheels, I've got a few hanging around, but never come across the Weinman Bontrager.

    Anyone got an opinion.

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    Nothing wrong with Weinmann Bontrager rims from back in the day, you may want to post this on Retrobike, as your Saracen sounds to be from the early 90's, '93 or '94.

    For the forks, would be very supprised if they work, and spares will be non-existant, P2's sound like a good idea.

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