Hey all. I may purchase an old Schwinn Paramount MTB from a friend. Basically we want to get an idea of its value. There is very little information on the net about these bikes. Schwinn and Waterford have good info but mostly just on company history. I found a few posts from a cat named ParamountScapin so if you can chime in please do. The frame has some markings on it: the down tube says, 'Schwinn Precision Butted Reynolds', the fork says, 'System 3 Butted Cro-moly', the rims are Mavic Profile PSP M231. It is an old steal lugged frameset and appears to be of very good quality. There are many scrapes down to metal which are rusted. It was a very well used bike. Parts are Deore LX. I want to use this bike as a fun winter bike and a back up in cyclocross races. Anyway thanks for any feedback.