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    Cannondale Max Chainring Size With Road Cranks


    Does anyone know if I can put my road cranks on my 2004 Cannondale F3 MTB?

    I'm converting it to 700c for commuting and fireroads, and would like big gearing.

    The road cranks I plan on using are outboard bearing Ultegras with a 53t big chainring. If not 130bcd, would 110bcd compacts be better with a 50 or 48t chainring?


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    It might be overkill

    I`m noting that you want to do commuting and some fireroads. So thats pretty much why I`m passing on this suggestion.

    Couldn`t find any reference to a 2004 F3, in fact the latest year the bikeapedia indicated that was made was 2008 so some of this is speculative, but you have the bike so you know the correct tooth count.

    The 2008 had a 22/32/44 triple crank and an 11-26 9 speed rear cassette.

    Let`s stack that up against a couple roadmachines I have.
    A hybrid with a triple crank and a 44T large chainring, 700 x 33c tires and an11T small sprocket on the rear cassette.
    A road machine with a double crank and a 52T large chainring, 700 x 23c tires and a cassette with a 13T small sprocket.

    Two comments: First, due to the differences in tire sizes and smallest sprockets on the cassette, there bikes are both pretty close in gearing.
    Second: You already outgear me!
    So my own personal experience is that when coming back from a jaunt out to the West Island with the wind behind me, Ive had those traffic warning flashers light up and tell me I was doing over 40kph (on one ocassion 47kph). The speed limit in this area is actually 30kph.

    So the question is - how fast do YOU need to go?

    Maybe you could just install those 700 wheelset and try things out first. Might save a bit of money too.

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