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    Mountain bike sizing

    New to the forum and doing research into buying my first mountain bike (a hardtail). I've gotten some conflicting advice re: sizing and fit from a few different LBS's that I've stopped into in the last few days. I'm approximately 5'10", and I have a 17.5" frame hybrid. As far as a mountain bike goes, one LBS salesperson told me I need a 17.5" frame, while another said I should get a 15" frame, which will give me some more clearance in the highly likely event that I get bumped around a bit on a trail.

    Can anyone enlighten me? Also, I plan to use the bike 50-50 to ride off-road on some singletrack and also for some relatively mellow trips around town on bike paths and streets.

    Thanks much.

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    typically, for a proper fitting - and maybe one of the others can correct me if i'm wrong - the tob tube should be about an inch or so below your precious parts. other than that, sizing a mountain bike to a certain extent involves a bit of personal preference. depending on the style of riding you're into and other factors, you might want a larger frame than one that is a "proper" fit or you might want a smaller frame than your "proper" fit.

    for example, for cross-country, getting a proper fit for your body type/size is a good idea. you don't want a bike frame that's too big or too small. this type of riding is very similar to road cycling. it deals a lot with endurance and efficiency and to get the most out of your bike it should fit you just right.

    for free riding, dirt jumping, urban and that sort of stuff, getting a smaller frame so that you can flick it around a bit easier would be a better idea than getting a larger bike frame that would be less manueverable.

    my advice would to find a bike you like, try the different sizes and choose which one you feel fits you the best.
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