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    A bunch of random questions about bikes

    alright, well i gota few questions on a few subjects, first off, with clipless pedals, how does the shimano PD-M647 stand up to the competition? im looking for a pedal which has clipless and a good platform for those times were i either dont feel like clipping in, or find it to risky to do it, the reviews are leaning towards the good side which is well... good but im always hearing about some plastic part on it which i cant figure out what it is, is the outside, the platform part of it plastic? or what, and how is it when not clipped in, on the M646 there was word about not being able to stand very comfortably in them when not clipped in, and how does it compare with other pedals in the same price range

    second off, why are the fronts and backs angled on pedals? like the parts that point to the front and back of the bike, there angeld at a 45 degree angle and i've never been able to figure out why

    and then shoes, i've been able to find pedal after pedal, but nearly no shoe what are some good companys that sell some shoes for clipless pedal, and do any of them sell any that have laces? i know the velcros there so it doesnt get in the chain, but i've personally found laces look abit better, no bit deal, just curiosity

    then some repair/incase of a emergancy/flat tire pack that i can put on the bike, i got a full suspension so im not really sure as to were to mount it, i got the norco chaos so theres not much space on the frame to put some pack anywhere or maybe some pack you can strap onto your legs or something, who knows lol, cause i've been in plenty of places were something just breaks and i end up pushing the bike all the way back to where ever i started, would be nice for pack that has all the tools inside if you end up loosening a nut or having a flat tire or something that you can fix on the trail

    and lastly, i've been thinking of hanging my bike in my garage by regular suspended hooks, but then i came across this cool thing...
    anyone ever use this, or something like it?

    alright, well i though i had more but i cant recall them so if anyone can answer any of these questions, it would be fantastic

    thanks again

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    as far as the pedals yes plastic, shoes there are many good ones and velcro actually helps you have more power in the pedal stroke due to fitting your foot better.I have some with velcro/ratchet strap to fit even more(shimano). check out or Performance Bikes for a big selection of whats out there, then decide what you want and check out your local bike shop to get some that fit, as far as where to put your stuff 2: words hydration pack, again many online and to get a close up look go to your LBS. Target even sells them if you want major cheap. I just use hooks or mostly leave miy bike locked up in my truck
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