I've got a vintage steel Trek 930 that I picked up a couple years ago. It was basically unused. Factory tires were unworn. I've been using as my grocery bike, winter commuter and occasionally taking it on lower paced club rides (road rides).

I'm looking to convert it to something more suitable to use for gravel grinding (while still doing grocery runs). The current plan is to go rigid with a Surly 1x1 fork and switch out the bars. I've been looking at the Soma 3-Speed II or Sparrow bars, with reverse levers (and problem solvers, as I can't find a long pull reverse lever.) I'm hoping this setup will make it a more confident ride. I'm not currently thrilled with it on high-speed descents, as I like to keep the brakes covered, but I'm more comfortable with the handling on the bar ends.

Anyone have any experience with these bars?

How about with using problem solvers with reverse levers, or just in general?

Any other suggestions for gravel grinder conversions?