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    Dilema: Specilized Hardrock Sport or Merida Matts V 40

    Hi guys

    I want to buy a new mountain bike and I can't decide between these two:

    Specialized Hardrock Sport

    Merida Matts 40 V

    I understand that both are low-mid range MTB, but I can't afford something better for the moment. Both are in the price range of 350 Euros.

    I consider myself to be an intermediate rider. I pass some 500 km on mountain dirt roads yearly and about as much in the city.

    If somebody can make short comparison between the parts on both, I will be very thankful. Also I would appreciate any sort of advice

    I have also been looking at KTM Ultra One as well, but the price is some 150 Euros higher, and the parts in my viewing are pretty much the same:

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    Any reason to not get disc brakes?
    BTW I got the Specialized Sport Disc 29er, but havent gone very burly with it yet]
    Semper Fi My Brothers
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    Specialized Hard Rock Sport Disc 29er

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