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    Purchase Decision: Trek vs Specialized

    I am currently riding a 2007 Trek 4300 with V-Brakes and now riding every weekend XC.

    I'm looking for a new replacement bike and wanted to go full suspension.

    I found one bike shop that sells both Treks and Specializes at a very good price to me.

    I'm looking at (2011):
    Trek Fuel EX-7 (+$150)
    Trek Fuel EX-6 (+$70)
    Specialized Camber Elite (Base)

    I'm really considering the Trek Fuel EX-7 because it is such a great deal right now. It's coming down to fit. Lower the price the better, so the Specialized is also in high consideration.

    Specialized Camber medium feels too small for me. The large is a slightly longer reach than my current bike, but I feel comfortable. I tried a Fuel EX-5 in 19.5 and it felt like a reach, going to try an 18.5 to see if it feels right between a Specialized medium and large. My Trek 4300 is a 18 frame.

    Other than fit, what are your guy's opinion on these bikes? Is it worth spending a little extra to get the Fuel EX-7?


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    When I was trying out MTB 29ers The Trek I rode seemed a little "Tippy" to me in that it wanted to flip me off on a turn, Where as the Specialized Hard Rock Sport Disc I bought felt like I was IN the bike rather than on it.
    And I really wanted to like the Trek due to the 7 TDF wins and all]
    Semper Fi My Brothers
    Never pass up a good opportunity to keep your mouth shut

    Specialized Hard Rock Sport Disc 29er

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