Yesterday while out on a ride I came upon a bike frame leaning against a garbage can. Steel frame, horizontal drop outs. No wheels but a bunch of crappy parts. I threw it over my shoulder and went home. I've searched high and low on the internet and this forum and I cannot find any mention of this bike. It is a Bridgestone NB-26. I am familiar with Bridgestone bikes, the R series, the T series, the MB series, and the XO series. But the NB-26?

The tubing is 4130, not great but not total crap. The parts were all Shimano Altus C10. Stem and handlebars suggest some sort of moutain/comfort bike, and they are pretty junky. I know this isn't a great find, but I can turn it into a single speed or fixed gear runabout or give it to a friend. Does anyone know anything about when Bridgestone made the NB-26, or anything else about it? Thanks.