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    Cheapskate alert.

    Hey suckas,

    quick quesh..

    I am replacing some worn components on my Pops bike and thought I would get a new, cheap crank to replace his old cheap crank. The one he has, has got bent rings and a 20 year old creaky BB.

    On Nashbar, I saw an FSA Alpha Drive triple and Nashbar Triple crank; both less then $40 bucks. The price is right for both of them but not familiar with them or the isis drive. Anyone have a preference as to which is better? Thanks.

    Nashbar MT2 Mountain Bike Crankset $35
    WEIGHT: 722g
    MATERIAL: Alloy
    RINGS: 44/32/22T
    RING MATERIAL: Alloy outer ring; Carbon Steel inner rings
    LENGTHS: 170, 175mm
    BCD: N/A
    Rating: 3.5

    FSA Alpha Drive Crankset $39
    WEIGHT: 850g
    MATERIAL: 6061 Aluminum
    RINGS: 44/32/22t
    RING MATERIAL: Alloy outer/middle, Steel inner
    BCD: 64/104mm
    Rating: 4

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    I'm a fellow cheapstake, so I buy bikes to take parts off of. I have a road bike at them moment I paid $80 for and the parts on it are worth $1000.

    To your question, Nashbar are rebrands but either very fimilar or feint rebrands, so the crank would be a well known crank that sells around the same price. Nashbar just collects the parts and labels them for better sale.

    And this is good, rather then search amazon or ebay for 4-5 dealers with the same set up, nashbar is the same and same quality

    Example: Cheng Shin Road tire with kevlar

    Same as: Nashbar Road plus 2

    but nashbar is cheaper, and comes with a nashbar sticker on the side.

    Go for the FSA though, better rating - read the reviews and take stupidity into question- and the FSA is heavier but would seem to be better quality

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