Basically, I got back into biking a few months ago - having not ridden one since I was a kid - when my Uncle gave me his old rickety bike. This has now broken, and I am looking to get a new (and better) one. I have narrowed my choice down to a hardtail, as I think this is all I will need for light trail/urban riding. I've been advised I should probably go for V brakes, as my budget does not allow for decent disc brakes, although this is not essential. My budget is around 200 (approx. US$330).

These are a few of the bikes I've been considering:

Raleigh Resonator (2010 Model)
Raleigh Freeride AT20
Raleigh Gritstone
Diamondback Overdrive Front Disc

Any thoughts on these bikes, or others of a similar price?

Also, I can't get one from, as I live in the UK.

Help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.