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    Remove thorn or not?

    I'm running tubeless on my Stumpjumper FSR Comp. I have a goat head thorn (tribulus terrestris) embedded in my tire. The sealant is apparently doing its job quite admirably, since I only discovered the thorn while cleaning the wheels.

    My question for the assembled MTB sages herein assembled is this: to remove the thorn or not? That is the question.

    My first instinct is to remove the offending thistle. However, it occurred to me that it is helping to plug the hole and can't really do much more harm while it is cemented in place by the sealant.
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    My thought is like your instinct, remove the thorn. Its presence may possibly eventually hard the tire. If the sealant is good, it should seal up. I did remove a nail once and lost all my air. But it was a fat old rusted nail. I should have left it alone until I got home, but it was noisy. I would pull it and be ready to spin the tire for a couple minutes.
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