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Thread: 2004 Iceman

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    2004 Iceman

    Did anyone else here do the Iceman this year? If you did, what was your impression of the race over last year and other years? I've only participated in the last two and they could not have been more different.

    Things I noticed:
    1) I like frozen sand more than sand at 50 degrees.
    2) A hardtail in front of you on a downhill can drive you crazy.
    3) OTB wrecks seem to hasten cramping.
    4) Tires make a huge difference.
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    I've never ridden it but my brother in-law has for the last few years along with most of his riding buddies.

    For the most part, this year was a LOT faster. He took something like 40 minutes off his time from last year (worth note was the fact he didn't flat this year). He also raced Expert this year which for him worked out much better as there were less riders to deal with.

    The three guys I know who rode (all rode Expert) finished in 2:05, 2:14 and 2:22. Not sure how their times stack up but having ridden with all of them on a number of occasions on the road, I don't consider any of them to be overly strong.

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